Big Bike Film Night – Scotland

We look forward to seeing you back in 2024 with our new collection!

“That’s a wrap!” The good times have been rolling around Scotland, and the 2023 tour has now reached the end of the road.

The 2024 programme and tour are being worked on.

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  • ”The BBFN is always a wonderful, eclectic, wacky mix of films and I love it.”
  • “The most inspiring set of short films you’re ever likely to see.”
  • “The Big Bike Film Night made us laugh, cry, feel inspired, feel excited and most importantly realise that life is for living. Thanks to Brett Cotter for putting this together and allowing us an escape from the day to day and the motivation to follow our dreams.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the films last night. Truly inspirational films and somehow you’ve managed to top the previous years.”
  • “Awesome night.. so inspirational!”

Listen to the voice inside you; it’s telling you to go.


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