Big Bike Film Night – Scotland

We look forward to seeing you back in October 2023 with our latest collection!

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  • The BBFN is always a wonderful, eclectic, wacky mix of films and I love it.”
  • “Wow! If it comes to your town do NOT miss it. Something for everyone.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the films last night. Truly inspirational films and somehow you’ve managed to top the previous years.
  • “Awesome night.. so inspirational!”

Listen to the voice inside you; it’s telling you to go.

The 2023 treasure chest of films includes:-

  • a delightful young Australian bikepackers learnings from completing a scenic trip to Hell
  • a visually commanding film set in postcard Tuscany, Italy following a 74-year-old rider whose spirit personifies cycling
  • putting the ‘mountain’ into mountain biking – a Scottish highland rider’s eyes are opened to the healing power of the bicycle
  • a team who have spent five years formualting a dream…and only one way to get it- via packraft and mountain bike, on a pursuit of a first descent on the gnarly lines of Dillon Cone in the rugged coastal Kaikoura ranges, New Zealand
  • two Brisbane, Australian schools share their insights into how they promote active transport within their school community
  • a tale of a rider with a searing thirst for adventure, exploring interior Iceland
  • an uplifting film that celebrates a humble volunteer whose community spirit is inspiring and so are the majestic winter views of the trail where he lives
  • a moving movie that follows a family that chooses to live life to the fullest in the face of adversity
  • and rounding out the night, find out what happens when you combine an ultra-distance 320 km gravel race and parenting together over a 24-hour period (which is tougher?); ALL in the mix!


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