Big Bike Film Night – Scotland

We look forward to seeing you back in 2024 with our new collection!

The 2024 tour around Scotland is being worked on.

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  • ”The BBFN is always a wonderful, eclectic, wacky mix of films and I love it.”
  • “The most inspiring set of short films you’re ever likely to see.”
  • “The Big Bike Film Night made us laugh, cry, feel inspired, feel excited and most importantly realise that life is for living. Thanks to Brett Cotter for putting this together and allowing us an escape from the day to day and the motivation to follow our dreams.”
  • “If you haven’t experienced the cinematic excellence of The Big Bike Film Night – then YOU MUST!!!”

Listen to the voice inside you; it’s telling you to go.

The 2024 treasure chest of films includes:-

  • a visually commanding film following one rider’s colourful adventure scouring the most beautiful spots from Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia bringing together a masterpiece of breathtaking images and memories
  • a documentary about a community of cyclists from Alexandra, New Zealand who all share a similar love and passion for their place, people and sport
  • how a bicycle can be much more than a bicycle, bringing change to people’s lives
  • a determined father and his daughter prepare for their greatest adventure together: an ambitious ride that will push them to physical and emotional limits on a gruelling bike ride around Central Otago’s Lake Dunstan Trail, in New Zealand
  • a passionate and quirky Australian cyclist advocating to “Ride your bike, don’t just romance the idea. Ride.”
  • we join 10 young people as they learn to ride a long way…. embarking on a 900km bikepacking trip from Wellington to Wānaka in New Zealand
  • a fast-paced, fun, and feminist bike race film set in Toronto, Canada that finally gives a groundbreaking, nearly forgotten athletic hero her rightful place in history
  • a moving movie set in Scotland, showcasing how the simple joy of riding bikes can make a big impact
  • and rounding out the night, “Everesting” is a feather few cyclists have in their caps, but what happens if your cap is full? So full in fact, you think “why not do two?”
    ALL in the mix!


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