A desire to share his love of bikes and to support the community set a Taupō local in 2014 on the path from weekend bike enthusiast to creating one of Australasia’s best-loved short film festivals.

If you’re curious about how The Big Bike Film Night started, watch our light-hearted short film about how it all began back in 2015 with a Giant 3-metre Bike Statue in Taupō, New Zealand.

2024- Let the good times roll! (our 10 year anniversary)

THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT With our 2024 tour for New Zealand we kick off on friding Friday 9 February and goes until mid-June, ready to spin afew wheels along the way!!

and… we will be returning to Australia over August to October. Visit our Screening page for our Australian tour details (still being worked on (30 Nov))

and and… we will be returning to Scotland, Guernsey, and London as well. Visit our Screening page for tour details.

Showcasing our 2024 collection that has everything a cycle-centric audience could want – action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is unashamedly and utterly, utterly, utterly designed and devised for the two-wheel devotee!

This year’s treasure chest of films includes

  • a visually commanding film following one rider’s colourful adventure scouring the most beautiful spots from Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia bringing together a masterpiece of breathtaking images and memories
  • a documentary about a community of cyclists from Alexandra, New Zealand who all share a similar love and passion for their place, people and sport
  • discovering how a bicycle can be much more than a bicycle, bringing change to people’s lives
  • a determined father and his daughter prepare for their greatest adventure together: an ambitious ride that will push them to physical and emotional limits on a gruelling bike ride around Central Otago’s Lake Dunstan Trail, New Zealand
  • a passionate and quirky Australian cyclist advocating to “Ride your bike, don’t just romance the idea. Ride.”
  • joining 10 young people as they learn to ride a long way…. embarking on a 900km bikepacking trip from Wellington to Wānaka in New Zealand
  • a fast-paced, fun, and feminist bike race film set in Canada that finally gives a groundbreaking, nearly forgotten athletic hero her rightful place in history
  • a moving movie set in Scotland, showcasing how the simple joy of riding bikes can make a big impact
  • and rounding out the night, “Everesting” is a feather few cyclists have in their caps, but what happens if your cap is full? So full in fact, you think “why not do two?”

ALL in the mix!

2023- Lets ride!

THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT for the 2023 tour across New Zealand it went from February until mid-June (throwing in a cyclone to contend with).

and… we returned to Australia from August to October.

and and… we returned to Scotland in October and Winnipeg, Canada in November.

Showcasing our 2023 collection has everything a cycle-centric audience could want – action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is unashamedly and utterly, utterly, utterly designed and devised for the two-wheel devotee!

This year’s treasure chest of films includes a delightful young Australian bikepackers learnings from her adventure- completing a scenic trip to Hell;  a visually commanding film set in postcard Tuscany following a 74-year old bicicletta rider whose spirit personifies cycling; a team who have spent five years of embarking on a dream…and only one way to get it- via packraft and mountain bike, on a pursuit of a first descent on the gnarly lines of Dillon Cone in the rugged coastal Kaikoura ranges of New Zealand; two schools share their insights into how they promote active transport within their school community; the tale of a rider with a searing thirst for adventure, exploring interior Iceland; putting the ‘mountain’ into mountain biking – a Scottish highlands rider’s eyes are opened to the healing power of the bicycle; an uplifting film that celebrates a humble volunteer whose community spirit is inspiring and so are the majestic winter views of the trail where he lives in rural heartland Central Otago; a moving movie that follows a family that chooses to live life to the fullest in the face of adversity; and rounding out the night, find out what happens when you combine an ultra-distance 320 km gravel race and parenting together over a 24-hour period (which is tougher?); ALL in the mix!


THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT our 2022 tour went across New Zealand from February until late June and… visited Australia over August to October. 

Our 2022 treasure chest of films included one rider’s colourful adventure through dramatic landscapes to the illumination of hot air balloons; a small School’s ambitious plan to create a sustainable way to increase students hauora (a Māori philosophy of health and well-being); three friends mission to the centre of South America on a treacherous 2500-kilometre bike and raft trip; a camp designed for female athletes to ride together and progress together; a group of young rowdies expressing their individuality through uni-cycling; a bicycle that is transformed into a work of art; a trail builders’ creative expression coming to life before your very eyes; AND one man’s journey from India to Germany on a tandem bike, who on his way picks up strangers to inform them about modern day slavery; ALL in the mix!!

2021 and 2020 – Yeah…

THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT 2021 and 2020 tour – WOW!! What a set of covidcoaster rides THAT was across New Zealand and Australia.

Our 2021 tour was the largest undertaken to date visiting new places across Australasia to helping to spread the bike stoke.

The 2021 treasure chest of films included one man’s mission to ride EVERY street across New Zealand, an unusual Victorian pastime taking place in modern London; an Australian female rider who goes back in time to carry the stories of the past into the future; a rider who has a burden of blindness and its vulnerabilities to contend with while undertaking a gruelling self-supported fat bike race across the frozen tussocks of Finland; four adventurers bikerafting and exploring historical trails to and from one of New Zealand’s most significant rivers; a humble BMX Club with big dreams of becoming the number one Club in the UK; a film that celebrates the growing, sustainable type of tourism where everyone is a winner, and a unique bike builder who builds off-road cycles that help change people’s lives; ALL in the mix!!

We also brought a ‘SOUTH’ and ‘THE OLD WORLD’ to a number of locations in NZ with two super awesome uplifting and inspiring feature length documentaries.


THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT 2019 toured across New Zealand with our short film line-up from 8 March and visited a whole lot of places around the country until 26 May.

September- October – Visited Australia with screenings in Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney.

We were also privileged to present for our ‘Feature Series’ audiences’ the inspiring NZ made cycling documentary ONE DAY AHEAD on 8 ordinary Kiwis journey taking on all 21 stages of the Tour de France one day ahead of the event, raising moneys for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. The “WORLD Premiere” took place on Friday 25th January at Cambridge, and then visited Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch over 27 Feb-1 March.

We also found time to have a one off screening in Auckland of a classic film- ‘A Sunday in Hell’ which lived up to its reputation as one of the best cycling films ever!


We kicked the year off showcasing our ‘Feature Series’ screenings of the stunning Freeride mountain biking documentary ‘THE MOMENT’; which was embraced and enjoyed by bike fans across the country over February and March.

May and June – Touring with THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT 2018 line-up across New Zealand.

July-August – a new adventure with the 2018 Cycle Chic Film Tour.

August- October – To Australia with screenings in Melbourne, Bendigo, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Brisbane, and Sydney between the two collections.


2017 was a heck of a ride and we stretched things big-time! This moveable feast- a travelling bike-themed short-film festival went full tilt through 2017.

Brett had a strong desire to make the event bigger and better and introduced several new initiatives to the event.

The initiative that Brett was most proud about over 2017 was his desire to have a partner film event to go alongside THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT 2017. Introducing the Cycle Chic Film Tour with a range of short cycling movies to inspire, encourage and celebrate women who love to bike was the biggest challenge he had faced from curating various collections’ over the last three years. Seeing the response from the audiences’ made it all worth while and satisfying.

2017 also saw us take the two collections ‘across the ditch’ to a select few cities in Australia. Starting slowly in Canberra, Hobart and Melbourne with the intention of returning in 2018 to these locations and others on a larger scale tour.

An opportunity to showcase feature length documentaries saw The Big Bike Film Night ‘Feature Series’ introduced, catering for those that crave even more bike action. In 2017 there were two outstanding feature length documentaries touring.

‘ALL FOR ONE’ – from humble beginnings to the international circuit, the Australian cycling team -GREENEDGE became an unlikely inspiring story, and this film followed their incredible journey.

LONDON. EDINBURGH. LONDON – This is one of Britain’s great cycling challenges, and the cyclists were not only tested physically, but faced a mental challenge that forced them to look inside and find  resolve they never knew they had.

Having top quality films shown in top quality cinema environments is paramount to the vision of Brett and by the end of 2017 there was a multitude of events all under The Big Bike Film Night’s banner.

Striving to have more fun, more screenings, bigger audiences and creating great events is what it is about, all this- dedicated to the humble bike.


A new year and a new idea. With the Giant bike back up, Brett saw an opportunity to build a small business ‘pedaling films’ and curated a new collection of short cycling films and took them around the country.

During 2016 we visited new places, made some new bike friends and for several hours pedal patrons were in their happy place.


February 2015 saw the inaugural screening of THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT, in the exciting Rotorua Bike Festival programme. Several months later Starlight Cinema was chosen as the venue for Taupo; it didn’t disappoint with a SELL OUT crowd on hand to support this great cause. The stylish Tivoli Cinema in Cambridge was selected for the final 2015 viewing and once again patronage and enthusiasm was high.

Organising THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT was a way of putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising and from the successful screenings $2300 was raised towards the Giant bike’s restoration.

Sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with our audience succeeded, and fans of the event eagerly enquired about when it was returning.


In early 2014, there was an event that shook the bike community in Brett Cotter’s home town of Taupo, New Zealand- a newly installed Giant 3 metre Bike Statue had been viciously vandalised.

From this, an idea, an ambition, and a crusade to help have Taupo’s Giant Bike repaired and back up again unfolded.

The genesis of THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT was born.

A collection of generous film makers, film production companies and organisations were approached and they whole heartedly supported this creative idea, along with them came a willing and caring local bike community.

The Big Bike Film Night

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